Home Features That Have The Biggest Impact On Price Appreciation

by Builder Trade In Program Apr, 25

Modern homes, traditional homes, and bungalows have seen the highest increase in prices

The galloping real estate market is a scary and exhilarating thing.

On the one hand, as home prices soar, how on earth will you ever buy one? On the other, assuming you do pull off the biggest purchase of your life and become a proud homeowner, those very same rising prices are a promise that one day you, too, will make bank.


11 Smart Apps for Your Home

by Builder Trade In Program Apr, 24

From security to lights to climate to entertainment, there is an app for all things home automation, allowing you to control your house, whether at home or away, in real time.


With the Apple App Store and Google Play Store both having around 800,000 apps available, it's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Add oftentimes confusing home technology to the mix, and it's nearly impossible to figure out the best options and apps for your integrated home. Here are our favorite apps to help guide you in your quest for a smarter home.


New Home Friday 04-21-2017

by Builder Trade In Program Apr, 21

Buying Newer or Older Home?

by Builder Trade In Program Apr, 18

It used to be that new homes cost more than older homes, but that's not true across the board anymore. As land costs increase, the size of new home lots has shrunk. Especially in California, where one can practically crawl through a bedroom window and into the window of the home next door. Homes are that close in proximity.


New Home Friday 04-14-2017

by Builder Trade In Program Apr, 14

Americans are taking out the largest mortgages on record

by Builder Trade In Program Apr, 11

Bigger homes, more expensive inventory, and lower down payments all add up.

For the past few years, the housing market has been unbalanced. Strong demand and lean supply keep pushing prices higher and higher.


New Home Friday 04-07-2017

by Builder Trade In Program Apr, 07

The struggle is real for Millennial homebuyers

by Builder Trade In Program Apr, 04

It's going to be an intense house-hunting season -- especially for young buyers.

After years of many experts lamenting how Millennials weren't interested in becoming homeowners, it turns out many are actually diving in. But they're facing a lot of competition.


New Home Friday 03-31-2017

by Builder Trade In Program Mar, 31

US new home sales rise despite higher mortgage rates

by Builder Trade In Program Mar, 28


Americans responded to higher mortgage rates by snapping up new homes in February at the fastest pace since July.

New-home sales rose 6.1 percent month-over-month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 592,000, the Commerce Department said Thursday. That sales pace is nearly 13 percent higher than February of last year, a positive sign for the housing market that demand is robust at the start of the spring home-buying season.