Top 10 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

by Builder Trade In Program Dec, 06

Attract homebuyers even during the holidays with these useful tips.


The holiday season from November through January is often considered the worst time to put a home on the market. While the thought of selling your home during the winter months may dampen your holiday spirit, the season does have its advantages: holiday buyers tend to be more serious and competition is less fierce with fewer homes being actively marketed. First, decide if you really need to sell. Really. Once you've committed to the challenge, don your gay apparel and follow these tips from FrontDoor.


New Home Friday 12-02-2016

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Let the Weekend Begin!

by Builder Trade In Program Dec, 01

Ice Skating at the Fairmont Princess - Through January 1st


Survey Says "Good Times Will Continue"

by Builder Trade In Program Nov, 30

John Burns held his annual real estate convention the day after the election. The 43 speakers put their politics aside and educated the audience on what they were witnessing in their business. It was a meeting all 196 will never forget.


Mortgage Rate Hike Catches Buyers And Lenders By Surprise

by Builder Trade In Program Nov, 29

Before the election, buyers were dragging their feet, but real estate agents, according to The New York Times, report a flurry of activity with more showings and contract signings since rates moved.


4 Things You Need to Know about Black Friday 2016

by Builder Trade In Program Nov, 23

Here’s an early look at what to expect for the holiday season’s biggest shopping day.

Retailers are hoping for a solid uptick in sales, which is looking likely. The National Retail Federation forecasts holiday-season sales in November and December will jump 3.6% over 2015, to $655.8 billion. Online sales are projected to increase between 7% and 10% over last year to as much as $117 billion.


Thanksgiving Preparation Guide

by Builder Trade In Program Nov, 22

With the holidays in full fledge, you may be worried about prepping your new home for the family — because we all know they want to see the new place.


Before you panic about having the whole gang over for the first major holiday, take a moment to breathe. New Home Source has you covered when it comes to prepping your new home for the holidays.


New Home Friday 11-18-2016

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Welcome to Your Weekend!

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ArtFest of Scottsdale - Saturday, November 19th and 20th



The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a New Neighborhood

by Builder Trade In Program Nov, 16

Whether you are looking for a hip enclave of bars or a quiet suburban street filled with families for your kids to play with, choosing a new neighborhood requires a lot of consideration. However there are many things to think about when making the leap to new surroundings. From creating a helpful checklist of must-haves, to uncovering crime statistics, the more information you can ascertain about a neighborhood, the better. Here is a step by step look at what to consider, what to avoid, and what you may have to compromise on.