New Home Friday 09-23-2016

by Builder Trade In Program Sep, 23

National home builder confidence nears pre-recession levels in September

by Builder Trade In Program Sep, 20

U.S. home builder confidence was back in spades during September, close to levels previously seen in 2005 before the Great Recession.


New Home Friday 09-16-2016

by Builder Trade In Program Sep, 16

Construction worker shortage weighs on hot U.S. housing market

by Builder Trade In Program Sep, 12


The drumbeat of hammers echoes most mornings through suburban Denver, where Jay Small, the owner of company that frames houses, is building about 1,300 new homes this year.

That's more than triple what he built a few years ago, when “you couldn’t buy a job” in the residential construction industry, he said.


New Home Friday 09-09-2016

by Builder Trade In Program Sep, 09

3 key takeaways from the latest housing market reports

by Builder Trade In Program Sep, 06

The housing market has been slowly climbing out of the Great Recession, and it still has a long way to go before reaching what are considered normal production levels. This month, a new trend started to emerge in the residential reports released throughout August. And according to experts, that trend mirrors exactly where the market should be.


New Home Friday 09-02-2016

by Builder Trade In Program Sep, 02

New Home Sales At Highest Level Since 2007

by Builder Trade In Program Aug, 28

Home builders are constructing homes that Millennials can afford.

A new report from the Census Bureau states that in July, newly built single-family homes were sold at the annual rate of 654,000, the highest rate since October 2007.

The New York Times reports that home builders and Millennials are the reasons for the upswing. The median sales price for new homes actually fell $16,000 in June, which indicates that builders are constructing smaller homes for younger adults who have now entered their prime home-buying time.


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by Builder Trade In Program Aug, 26

Trends among first time home buyers

by Builder Trade In Program Aug, 23

The market for first-time homebuyers is ever changing, as are the wants and needs in the homes they’re shopping for.

And the same goes for the economy. As the economy shifts, the buying process shifts as well, affecting the homes first-time homebuyers can afford and the locations where they can buy them.